What We Offer

Organizations at various level face high staff medical expenses yearly and from experience and trends, this is not going to abate anytime soon. The climate condition, stress and day to day demand of the job will ensure that staff will always need medical attentions and it’s the organization’s responsibility to foot the bill which will ultimately impact the bottom line – profitability and cash flow.


While staff medical expenses are not avoidable for organizations, we at TCMB Professional Services Ltd will help you reduce the expenses to moderate level acting as intermediary between the organization and your healthcare providers (HCPs). We ensure you only pay for services enjoyed, you are not over billed and ensure you enjoy favorable terms in contract negotiations.
We provide the following services:

  •  Retainership Contract Agreement
  • Draft Comprehensive scope of coverage and exclusions
  • Draft a favorable operational tariffs for Clients
  • Evaluate, adopt and band healthcare providers for clients
  • Vet and process medical bills received from HCPs
  • Respond to reconciliation claims from HCPs
  • Educate and conduct health workshops for employees from time to time
  • Renegotiate existing tariffs, terms and contracts for clients Benefits

We work alongside with appropriate quarters in your company to design a rock solid Retainership contract agreement that will be favorable to both parties – your company and Healthcare Providers (HCPs). The definite goal you stand to achieve with our contract agreement is significant minimization of outflow (at least 20%). Our Retainership agreement includes some salient points that will give you overall cost advantage and upper control of the Retainership relationship. We have successfully designed several standard health benefits for our clients. Our health care benefit captures a huge range of medical services that are however within affordable range.

In addition, our tariffs are quite favorable to both our clients and healthcare providers. We have couple of tariffs for different providers depending on the categories they belong. We also design customized tariffs on request.

We evaluate, adopt and band/categorize healthcare providers using some criteria like location, standard and quality of services, and others. The essence of this practice is to have only standard and dependable healthcare providers on board and to significantly reduce both cash outflow and manpower loses for our clients.

Bill padding is obviously a general practice of most healthcare providers, to minimize undue outflows you need experienced hands to vet and process your received medical bills before making payments. With our knowledge and understanding of health sector, we will diligently vet and process every medical bills incurred by your employees so as to cut down over payment. We bring years of experience in medical billing and HMO claims vetting and processing to handle your medical bills and in the end, you will record a huge drop in redundant cash outflows.